You social media strategy is both a brand and a strategy

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  • April 29, 2012
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There is a lot of buzz around enterprises gaining a social media presence, and most recognise that its bit more than placing 3 buttons on your page (just in case – follow me on twitter, love me on Facebook). The tools are new the principles are the same; it’s about raising awareness, connecting with customers, and communicating your brand. And that’s regardless of the platforms you choose to deploy your social media strategy on.

So what are the qualities of an effective social media strategy? Here are our takes

It should be consistent: Whether twitter is being used for PR, or an individual is sharing his/her expertise on a blog, the frequency should be consistent. Visiting the front door of an organisation to find out the last blog was published in 2009 gives the impression that the organisation has no more value to share. So if you choose to blog or tweet, be sure that you can keep the engine running at frequency you are comfortable with!

It should be coherent: Social media is an opportunity to raise awareness, strength the brand and position yourself (your services), and as each channel serves a slightly different function, it’s important that the messages are coherent, so that they reinforce rather confuse. So if you are creating 3 different personas on twitter, the company blog and linked in, make sure they are coherent.

It should be concise: Tweets force us to be concise, and brevity is important in other forms too. Readers on the web follow spend little time scanning (users make sub optimal decisions by satisficing) so an information overload is going to detract. Give people the option to download or receive more information, but present the summary that they can digest. According to Guy Kawasaki, rule of thumb for video presentations is a 1 minute.

Large companies can afford Social Media experts and dedicated PR and comms departments. For smaller organisations its important you choose the right partner. Like branding or advertising it’s difficult to build this expertise from scratch initially. Even though it’s not rocket science, there are a number of blockers that will stop you from getting started. Engage a credible expert, who can get you started and then you can transition it in house.

- Viren Lall, London