You are your own boss, are you? Think again!

One of the great attractions of starting your own business is the chance to be your own boss. It is said that people take a job because of the company, and leave because of their boss. Finally, you get to call the shots!

Wrong! Now you have more bosses than you can imagine. Everyone is your boss.

The first and most important of them are your customers. A business without customers is not a business whatever else it may be. And customers are a strange beast, difficult to predict and hard to handle, even at the best of times.

Next in line are your investors. They come disguised as angels but are really dragons ready to breathe fire down your neck!

Then comes that enigmatic species called employees. You may not be able to pay yourself but you must pay them first.

If you managed to survive all that be ready to deal with those necessary evils of life called accountants, lawyers and government departments.

Have we managed to scare you away? ? We haven’t even mentioned your significant other yet…

Being your own boss does not mean having no boss.

So what about the promised freedoms, the autonomy, that chance to do your own thing, to break all rules and not give a damn? Yes, you have freedom. The freedom to decide what to do, how to do it, whom to target, whom to hire, whom to fire, what values to practice, what kind of work culture to create, what mission to adopt and to change it all quickly if the need arises. Yes, you are the boss because the buck stops with you. The head that wears the crown is heavy. With power come responsibility. To successfully deliver on these varied responsibilities you need the skills, traits and habits of successful entrepreneurial leaders, none of whom were born with them so you probably weren’t either.

ChangeSchool teach these topics as part of their eight-week, part-time, “Developing your Entrepreneurial Business” course, in a hands-on practical manner, with the aim to get you battle ready. You get sharp insights on how to influence others, how to negotiate successfully and how to lead in a highly dynamic environment. These are secrets that will take you to the next level, and will be an asset for life.

If you are considering starting your business as an alternative to your current work, come and learn from best instructors in this business. Taught by executive education and entrepreneurial faculty from London Business School you can either

Take it to the next level

If you want to learn more about how to start a business

You will find evidence based, research backed, strategies that successful startups use to launch products, enter new markets and develop customers

If you want to know where to get help

You will find researched options on what support you may need at each stage of your business to help you avoid the most critical mistakes that that cause business failures

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Held in London, the 1-day bootcamp and 8-week workshop have been designed for working professionals, and delivered by faculty who have not only helped grow businesses at King’s College London, London Business School, UCL, LSBU (Entrepreneurial University of the year, 2016) in the UK but also a number of universities, institutions, and governments abroad.

- Viren Lall, London