Success story: Developing a valuable social media brand

July 2020

Dr Aida Azmi is a senior lecturer at UiTM Shah Alam with a PhD in Food and Enzyme Biotechnology. Aida’s passion for food science and technology urged her to step into the entrepreneurial world and set up Fav Food Industries, a start-up which focuses on research and development of functional food, as well as providing consultancy and training services. Actively involved in humanitarian aid, Aida has also established her own brand of “Wakaf Ilmu”, a knowledge transfer program for the less fortunate in Malaysia and Indonesia

Last month Aida hit 10,000 followers on her Facebook page, Dr Aida Azmi Official, which launched in March 2018.

One of Aida’s main intentions when setting up the page was to educate the public about issues in Food Science and Technology, i.e: food safety, food preservation, food poisoning issues etc.
Since lockdown began in March, she has written 10 articles related to food supply and hygiene. Aida’s effort to create and influence public perception by positioning herself as an authority in this industry has elevated her credibility within the field.

Building her personal brand during the #COVID19 pandemic Aida:
• has featured on BernamaTV sharing her knowledge of ‘Jugaad Innovation during lockdown’;
• was invited to speak about ‘Frugal Innovation in battling COVID19’ on an international webinar [1];
• has been able to change the direction of her business to launch a new beverage. She has already sold 2000 units and is inundated with enquiries from stockists all over Malaysia.

Aida is finding platforms to promote her brand, creating an ecosystem where she can contribute and create value and above all becoming a person of influence in her industry.
Managing your brand is not a singular event but is a continuous process and there are lots more exciting things happening for Aida in the near future.

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- Viren Lall, London