ChangeSchool mentors promising social enterprises from RSA Engage

Social Enterprises from the RSA Engage Event, September 2019

RSA Engage promotes the most promising Fellow-led innovation projects for social good. ChangeSchool mentors social enterprises from the Royal Society of Arts through their RSA Engage programme on a pro bono basis.

It all started in 2017. We got involved with RSA Engage in 2017 when we supported the Health Engineering, Education and Environment global initiative. You can watch the video of their pitch at the bottom of the post

2019. This year we are mentoring three start-ups at different stages of new venture development.

LUFT parcel (the reuse of retail packaging through a patented design that reduces plastic consumption; semi-finalist in the European Social innovation Competition 2019).

LUFT parcel, offers an alternative to conventional postal packaging that enables the return and reuse of delivery packaging for online retailers and their users. The end consumer having unpacked their online order can simply fold LUFT parcel to a compact size, ready to be posted back to the retailer: this way single use plastic like bubble wrap and other packaging material is avoided, while also reducing the escalation of greenhouse gas emissions at production stage. With online shopping set to account for more than 50% of all retail sales the associated single use packaging waste is increasing at an alarming rate.

Environmental concerns have never been so high profile in the eyes of the public and consequently businesses are now finding themselves in a position where they must attune their operations with the environmentally conscious mindset of modern-day consumers otherwise jeopardise their reputation, credibility and ultimately their sales.


WokenUp (a global social network for those who want to give back and make a difference based on UN Sustainable Development Goals

WokenUp aims to bring together people and organisations around the world that want to give back and make a difference on social and environmental issues, with the aim of deepening and accelerating the impact that they make.

The platform aggregates content by reference to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and hashtags (including single-sentence “Snippets” of data), enabling its users to communicate and demonstrate the impact that they are making in relation to those Goals and tags.

Having finalised its prototype, WokenUp is looking for external investment to build its online platform – a web app that can be used across multiple devices, including mobile ¬¬– and to launch it later this year. The company is looking to raise £250,000 (15% equity stake) through its crowdfunding campaign and has more than £105,000 currently invested.

ChicP Food
ChicP Food (reduces food wastage through creating value-added products, now retails across UK ChicP creates a variety of hummus from surplus/excess vegetables. ChicP was founded in early 2016 after Hannah worked in the catering industry for years and saw the amount of food go to waste. As a private chef, she would always turn the leftover vegetable dishes into dips or hummus the next day and soon found herself being asked on a daily account ‘What’s the dip of the day Hannah’. She wanted to help British farmers by using their surplus, while educating people about food waste and living/eating more sustainably.

ChangeSchool Support

We are working with these enterprises to provide a range of support services, free advice on entrepreneurship, monthly coaching, new partnership opportunities, and access to industry mentors and capital. We also profile these wonderful organisations on our international platforms.

The 2017 RSA engage video pitch for the Global Health Engineering, Education and Environment (HEEE) global initiative that ChangeSchool delp develop for UCL.

Viren Lall, FRSA, MBA, MSc is the Managing Director at ChangeSchool. He is a specialist in entrepreneurship, innovation and international executive education.

- Viren Lall, London