TruePotential™ leadership development

TruePotential™ Leadership Framework

We are specialists in developing companies’ expertise in strategy, innovation and change, and the business leadership required to execute them successfully. Underpinning all of this is our leadership development that fine tunes personal and interpersonal leadership skills.



  • Executive Coaching (CXO)
  • Governance, Board Dynamics



  • Strategic Organisational Leadership
  • Leading Innovation for the Enterprise
  • Leading Organisational Change

Personal & Interpersonal


  • Strategic Organisational Leadership
  • Leading Innovation for the Enterprise
  • Leading Organisational Change

We develop programme courses to meet our clients’ needs. These courses are grounded in our clients’ business priorities, using their own data and business challenges. They can be attended as stand-alone alone multi-day events or more profitably as a series of interventions, developing the organisation’s capability over a period of time. A series of interventions combine expert knowledge, skills workshops and intensive group and one-to-one coaching, taking advantage of distributed learning.

We facilitate enterprise leadership development through specialist faculty, occupational psychologists and APECS certified executive coaches.

Business Leadership

Business challenges do not respect organisational boundaries or academic disciplines. The expertise needed to solve them will not be in a single domain such as strategy alone or change on its own.

Similarly, strategy and change or strategy and innovation rarely succeed in isolation. In our Business Leadership Framework, our expertise covers the crucial areas of discipline overlap and the leadership required to execute within it.

Developing Leadership in the Gulf Cooperation Council

Innovation in Leadership Development

The guidance, education and mentoring in our TruePotential™ Leadership Development process are designed not only for the learning leader but also the sponsor and the organisation.

Traditional stand-alone L&D events fail to deliver a return on investment because they make no allowance for integrating the learning in the real world.

Our continuous leadership development works leaders through their real business challenges, rather than class room cases.

Our innovation lies in putting greater emphasis on the development journey between education events, where the learning becomes habit. The model has been carefully derived from a multi- disciplinary approach: lean principles used by agile teams and Innovation Driven Enterprises (a field dominated by thought leaders such as Steve Blank, Eric Reis and Bill Aulet from MIT); coaching principles suggested by world’s top CEO coaches (Ram Charan and Marshall Goldsmith); and Distributed Practice methodologies from the field of educational psychology.


As Ram Charan, the coach to Fortune top 100 CEOs and an author of 14 books, says in his interview with Harvard Business Review, As the business environment becomes more complex, they will increasingly turn to coaches for help in understanding how to act. The kind of coaches I am talking about will do more than influence behaviours; they will be an essential part of the leader’s learning process, providing knowledge, opinions, and judgment in critical areas”.

“We are very clear about our role in coaching; it’s not the classical delving into psychotherapy. Our coaching role is more of a partner where we bounce ideas, provide knowledge, experience, and are sometimes even prescriptive if the problem solution is evidenced. It is a combination of advisory, mentoring and education”.

Here’s how it works

Leadership development is a process, not an event
Marshall Goldsmith, world leading executive education expert, coach to fortune 100 CEOs and author of 26 books acknowledges that a traditional ‘exec ed’ Learning & Development event is insufficient to bring a mindset change. He gives four compelling arguments.

Marshall Goldsmith

Not everyone responds to L&D. A 30/70 rule applies where 30% don’t get it at all.

Secondly, without follow through learning is not put into practice because people are simply too busy. There is an enormous gap between understand and doing.

Thirdly people don’t get better without follow up (this is known as the Hawthorne effect, in which individuals modify or improve an aspect of their behaviour in response to their awareness of being observed).

And lastly leadership development is a process and not an event. Development happens in the face of applying the learning and insights in real business situations, Here the ‘interleaving effectkicks in, boosting learning across everything a leader does.


Our agile education delivery process constantly monitors learners’ needs to alter and refine subsequent interventions based on what our customers tell us and where we see the gaps.


We believe in a learning journey leading to an outcome, not just a learning event. Learning doesn’t happen in events, it happens in the encounter between new ideas, skills and the real world. We use consulting, mentoring and coaching techniques with individuals over time, supporting the integration of their learning into their daily practice. This is what effects change in them, and different outcomes for the organisation.

Through our innovation in coaching process and technology, we are able to do this over extended periods of time, remotely, while learning leaders tackle real business challenges.

Personalised for the Individual, Delivered by a Team

Each leader has a different inventory of capabilities, some at which they excel and others which need developing. Some leaders may need help with influencing, some with managing priorities, and others with practical business frameworks. By recognising these, we can tailor coaching and mentoring during the leadership development journey. No individual coach can specialise in all disciplines (in fact the majority of business coaching in the UK is content-free). At ChangeSchool every learning leader has access to expertise from a team comprised of leadership coaches, industry practitioners and business school professors.

Disrupting the market offerings that dominate the industry today.

Traditional business school expertise is held in narrow domains, with experts typically specialising in one field, such as innovation, change, leadership, or strategy.

Our approach deploys delivery experts with cross-functional competency across leadership, change, innovation and shifting mind-sets. The learner benefits from fully connected, cross disciplinary management frameworks.

ChangeSchool is able to provide leadership development internationally. through a combination of on-site and remote interventions, the latter crucial for habit-forming behaviours.

We provide the necessary guidance, education and mentoring support, delivered by practitioners from the UK’s top business schools (London Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School, Imperial College Business School, and Cranfield School of Management).

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