Tackle challenges in innovation successfully

We believe that with the right mindset, techniques and culture people, firms, and organisations can change their world.

We believe with the right set if insights and techniques, people can develop alternative futures for their organisations.

One that protects the core business against erosion and the other creates entirely new markets.

We believe professional and personal innovation will drive your future and ours.



It is both about how your services evolve and how you work within your firm.

It is a fallacy that firms need come up with disruptive innovation (the percentage of firms that succeed in disrupting is extremely small, and usually it’s not the incumbent).

The great news is that there are a host of options to innovate and enough case studies and thought leadership around the world to show how it can be done.

This is how we deliver.


University partnerships


Faculty development programmes


Cutting edge open courses


Custom executive education


Online live programmes

The nature of our deep work

In the last 2 years, most of the customer requirements at ChangeSchool have resulted in developing innovation capability.

Alongside, we are teaching managers to be ambidextrous leaders to recognise the paradoxes and nurture innovation alongside the core business.

It ranges from developing an entrepreneurial mindset, embedding the start-up way, and developing a portfolio of innovation programmes that span a 1- 3- 5-year horizon to future-proof organisations.

Our faculty development programmes in the middle east have an increased focus on developing the entrepreneurial coaching gene.

We have also been asked by national government agencies, from other countries, to revamp their approaches to innovation in enterprise development to drive economic activity.

We have a number of partnerships with UK’s top universities and business schools and their faculty deliver on our programmes. We have active projects in the UK, India, Oman, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Developing Leadership in the Gulf Cooperation Council


It was the most brilliant and amazing workshop I had in my life.  The environment and people were very cooperative and highly motivated.  This is one of the best experiences I had in a long time.  I really love it.

Mr Neil, you were brilliant, energetic and amazing.  Hope to see you soon.  Keep up the good work.  We all really appreciate you.

Once again, Thank you so much.

Abdul Rehman Javved, Chief Accountant, Secutronic, Jeddah, KSA

A thoroughly enjoyable and productive way to spend a weekend! Thank you Neil for tapping in to some of my potential.

Areeb Younis, Global Environmental Management Services Ltd., Jeddah, KSA

I really love this network course. It’s my first time talking in the public.  I love it  

thank you so much I hope I attend other courses. 

Sabreen Al Nasr. Kuwait

It is only rare to meet people that are capable to change your life and open your mind and yourself to new dimensions and great achievements.  Can’t express how much I am thankful to you Neil and to the British Council.

Ahmad Alsaif, Riyadh, KSA

It was an amazing opportunity and a great privilege for us.  There were many impacts on one day in my life.

Ibrahim Said Al Haddabi, Oman

Dear Neil,
Hours went in your company, it felt like minutes.  It was joyful and knowledgeable.  Really worth it, and hope to see you again.
Best wishes

Abdulelah Alothman, Riyadh, KSA

I can’t thank you enough for giving us this seminar class, we really did enjoy it a lot you both are really so helpful and funny and so so friendly

I can’t believe the session is over, I’d love to attend more classes with you again and again

Thank you for your efforts and smiley faces

Wish you, the best for you

Dalal Al-Shummali, Compliance Coordinator & Supervisor, Noor Capital Markets, Kuwait

I think both of you are GREAT I usually get bored in training especially when it’s long but with both of you I have full attention and excited to attend any future sessions

All the best for both

Samer Abouamer, Senior Civil Engineer at Al Hani Construction, Kuwait

In an incredible session in terms of content and delivery.  I found [that] the level of engagement and group work are highly beneficial. Hope to participate again in the future workshops.

Ahmed Abdellatief, Qatar

This was so informative.  It was my first workshop and I’m glad I attended

Thanks a lot

Reem - University of Leicester

I really enjoyed how the theory led to practice and feedback tweaking our performance. Would absolutely love to attend another workshop.

Thank you very much

Victoria Labdon, Bahrain

Thank you so much for this very formative, excellent workshop.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I really did not feel the time passing by.  6 hours felt like one hour (this tells you everythingl)

Dr Faiza Zitouni, Dean of Student Affairs and Evening Studies, Acting Dean of Admission and Registration, Applied Science University, Bahrain

Thank you Viren & Neil. It was a wonderful experience and I really learnt a lot. Looking forward to more.

Great Going!

Sybil Fernandez, lecturer, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College of Business (TAG-College). Bahrain

Truly enjoyed the training.  It has really increased my confidence in public speaking.

We look forward to more such effective trainings in the future.

Deepak Murthy, Operations & Administration Manager, Al Doha Maintenance & Services (ADMS), Qatar

An excellent universal learning tool that made all act harmoniously, irrespective of age, culture & background. Great interaction by all.

Ahmed Ali Al Ansari, Lead Advisor - Contracts & Project Management, Public Works Authority - ASHGHAL Doha, Qatar

I enjoyed the diversity of the workshop. Fun + fruitful + useful!

Thank you so much,

Rasha Al-Riyami, Social Media Advisor at Petroleum Development Oman

Thank you,

The workshop is inspiring.  It addressed very direct & essential concerns about persuading an audience.  It has been a good day and full of knowledge

Dr Hilal Al-Shidhani, Expert, Academic Affairs & Development Deanship Of Admissions & Registration, Sultan Qaboos University. Sultanate of Oman, and Owner, Strategies Consultancy, Oman

Great workshop, loved that instructors used different methods/techniques in teaching.  Never a dull moment.
Will definitely be using these tools on a daily basis

Thank you!

Dania Al Riyami. Associate at Al Busaidy Mansoor Jamal & Co, Oman

A huge thank you to organisers and TRAINERS! The workshop was thought provoking, highly practical, and informative.
It was well constructed and delivered.  We were fully engaged throughout the whole session; this was brilliant.  It was one of those workshops, I will highly recommend to a friend.  Hats off.

Israa Salim Talib Al Ajmi, Directorate General of Technological Education, Ministry of Manpower, Oman

Thanks for today.  I really enjoyed myself and learned something excellent.  Although I have been teaching and lecturing for many years, today’s workshop has been eye opening for me and I learned a lot, and I believe for sure it will improve my performance.

Dr. Abdulmajeed Saif Alkhajeh, Associate Dean of Research Affairs, Faculty of Science, UAE University

It was a great experience that I had today!  It was informative, interactive, energetic and non-routine… It was outstanding as I really enjoyed from every single minute of it.
Thank you for this.  It is something that can last for quite a long time.

Dhuha Fadhel, Senior Economist at Dubai Economic Council

Your help was invaluable and really created that initial sense of momentum alongside the reassurance that it was OK to not… have all the answers

Martin Pratt, Change Lead, ABA Market Research

“An excellent piece of work… wanted to thank you personally for the time and effort put in.” 

Andrew Treanor, General Manager, GE Healthcare Strategic Sourcing

“You are, as always, a pleasure to work with.  You created a superbly productive event that was well-received and achieved our ambitions.  Thank you.”

Sarah Conboy, DfE Deputy Director

“Class and excellence. ...brought structure and rigour, as well as a sense of humour and pragmatism.”

Dave Hughes, Head of Shared Services, Cofely

Thanks very much for all the hard work which went into today’s session – it felt tailored to our needs and run in a very encouraging manner.  I think we're in good shape… and I have my eyes wide open to the challenges ahead.

Alison Bainbridge, Managing Director, ABA Market Research

Viren is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. Through his talks and coaching at King’s College London I have learnt a tremendous amount; his support and insight have been key to the evolution and development of my business idea.

Charlotte Mills Co-Founder of Public Health & Longevity and Manager of WCC

Thanks so much for your help to us. I could learn many points for further steps. Based on those suggestions, we keep revising our strategy and materials for coming financing process. We’ll happily finish equity finance from internal members and advisers in this month about 85m JPY.
It’s an honour to get such inputs from you.

Ryuta Kawada, CEO RJC Research Limited, Japan

Viren’s executive education program was very interesting and understandable. And I found we naturally learned and have done some of them in daily life. I think this benkyokai was very good opportunity for us to think what we are doing to influence people and users now, and what we can do from now.
I appreciate that you gave us this great opportunity.

Misato Matsusaka Product Management, Graphisoft JAPAN

Thanks Viren. Really appreciate the opportunity. I think it’s one of the most interesting presentations I have attended since I joined work.  I would be keep for you to deliver the same for a group of fast trackers? I’m sure the community will be delighted to attend and would greatly benefit from the content.

Mujtaba Khan: Fast Track leadership programme, BT

It was fantastic meeting you the other day at Cambridge on the seminar. I also appreciated your unorthodox view of an organization i.e. it is not one faceless mass of thousands of people... it is really thousands of individuals that need to be catered to individually. [...] Overall, it was a great session and I felt that it covered on-ground challenges very well within its structure.

Hamza Muddassir: Vice President Strategy at Jagex

Thank you for coming to Graphisoft to give us the lecture last week. About the seminar you gave us, it was very clearly outlined, combined with descriptive illustrations and little exercises in between to keep us focused… For my case, every point that I could relate myself to – I learned though experiences of my life.

Tatsuro: Product Management department, Localisation, Graphisoft JAPAN

It was a privilege to host you on behalf of IIT UK. Thank you Viren for the wonderful and stimulating talk. I personally enjoyed the session and taken an action item for myself and know that our members also enjoyed immensely. …Hope to hear you soon.

Dinesh Gupta: Senior Vice President, Cash Trade and GFM technology, Citibank London

Viren is an insightful, strategic thought leader of the highest order. Viren has the ability to take an idea and quickly translate it for business advantage. I've had the privilege of collaborating with Viren for a year now and have gained from the experience immensely.

Trevor Tucker, IBM Watson group

Thank you for the great session you brought to us on Thursday at Judge Business School. Having telecom background and experience, I found this session very interesting and insightful.

Sergey Beskhlebnov: Manageemnt Consutlant Ernst & Young

I would like to thank you for the great presentation on Thursday. I found it very interesting to see the advanced approaches … when it comes to transformation.

Marco Pfrang: Management Consulting at BASF SE

I thoroughly enjoyed the session, as it touched upon issues and decision-making processes I expect to come across in my next job, and found it both interactive and informative.

Britt Kritzler: Project Controller, Silicon Valley comes to the UK

Thank you very much once more for the thought-provoking lecture! It gives an excellent guideline for us how to use these influencing techniques more consciously and effectively! I will share your presentation with the others (we promise to keep it strictly in house) and ask them to write a feed-back.

Bence Kovacs: Managing Director, Graphisoft JAPAN

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