Entrepreneurship is the easy way out, or is it?

I hate my job. It is uninspiring, repetitive, I have a difficult boss and it just does not connect with my soul.

If this is you, and many of us feel this way these days, you may be tempted to think that becoming an entrepreneur is the easy way out. These are unfortunately all the wrong reasons. These may just be indicators that it is time to move on, maybe into a new role or even a new job. When you do something as life altering as entrepreneurship, it must be for the right reasons. If not, you will falter the moment going gets tough. And it will get tough. Ask any entrepreneur. What will keep you going in those dark difficult moments is your ‘why’.

The first thing to ask yourself is why you want to be an entrepreneur? As they say in Buddhism, what matters most is the motivation behind your actions. If you find that the ‘why’ is not clear and not strong then follow the advice of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times Steve Jobs – Keep looking! Don’t settle! Your heart will know when you have found your purpose, because entrepreneurship is above all a calling. It is that unrealised dream that does not let you sleep, that courses through your veins and fires up your soul. It must be lived with a missionary zeal. It is about solving world scale problems. Those who pursue the entrepreneurial path for other reasons are doomed to failure or being a mediocre success at best. In the world of entrepreneurship there is absolutely nowhere to hide. You are solely responsible for your success or failure. You are truly the master of your fate. You have no excuse at all. No one else to blame. That is why entrepreneurship is both exhilarating and scary at the same time. Only lionhearts need apply.

In a wonderful book written by Randi Komisar, the entrepreneurial sage “The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Life:”, he explains why its not just important to make work pay not just in cash, but also in experience, satisfaction, and joy. In essence, ‘better, faster, cheaper’ may be why you will eventually succeed, but it is not sufficiently motivating as a purpose.

ChangeSchool offers courses to budding entrepreneurs and professionals considering the option. Our mission is to see entrepreneurs succeed. If you would like to think it through, we’re happy to have a chat. When so much is at stake, you owe it to yourself to make a well-informed decision.

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Held in London, the 1-day bootcamp and 8-week workshop have been designed for working professionals, and delivered by faculty who have not only helped grow businesses at King’s College London, London Business School, UCL, LSBU (Entrepreneurial University of the year, 2016) in the UK but also a number of universities, institutions, and governments abroad.

- Viren Lall, London