Entrepreneur showcase: ChicP foods

Hannah McCollum: As a private chef, I would always turn the leftover vegetable dishes into dips or hummus the next day – I soon found myself being asked on a daily account ‘What’s the dip of the day Hannah’. I wanted to help British farmers by using their surplus, while educating people about food waste and living/eating more sustainably.

Learn about Hannah’s journey and her drivers behind ChicP in this video we recorded earlier this week.

Purpose of ChicP: ChicP creates a variety of hummus from surplus/excess vegetables.  I founded ChicP in early 2016 after having worked in the catering industry for years and seeing the amount of food go to waste.

How does ChicP engage both individuals and companies in reducing food waste :
We do a lot of events and samplings where we try to educate the consumers around food waste. We carry out samplings in offices and in stores.  I also do talk at quite a few events /panels on sustainability and food waste.
Social media is also a great platform to engage both individuals and companies.

How do your partnerships with retailers y promote engagement? what are your next big steps/goals.
We have marketing plans with retailers -whether they’re promotions to offer % off our RRP to social media posts and collaborations with other brands. There are also opportunities to have ‘banners’ in stores, advertise in windows and many more different ways such as ‘Feature posts’ if selling online, that will engage customers and help increase your ranking.

Next big steps: Launching falafel line, snack pack, launching with at least 2 retailers 2020, launching a retail pop up in London.

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- Viren Lall, London