ChangeSchool speaks on Creative Enterprise and Uzbekistan President’s digitial 2020 initiative

Digital 2020 and Creative Enterprise, Uzbekistan. January 2020

Viren Lall from ChangeSchool was Invited into the International Press Club, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to speak on link between the levers of Digital advantage and Creative enterprise that aired live on national television. The president of Uzbekistan has declared 2020 as the year of science, education and the digital economy, and the potential of digital to create entrepreneurs, creative enterprise and national value add is huge. Its untapped.

The creative economy can be as large as 17% in developed countries. Uzbek citizens have the potential to be co-creators of national value add, leveraging digital initiatives to leapfrog other nations, cross national boundaries and contribute to their GDP growth.

Full details of his talk will be made available later

ChangeSchool is a britishcouncil #mycreativespark partner to a number of Uzbekistan academic institutions


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Viren Lall, FRSA, MBA, MSc is the Managing Director at ChangeSchool. He is a specialist in entrepreneurship, innovation and international executive education.

- Viren Lall, London