Developing Your Entrepreneurial Business:

One intensive evening a week (6.30-9.30 pm) over 8 weeks

Next cohort starts 26th September 2017 

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An 8-week intensive staged journey to convert your idea to a real business. Designed exclusively for working professionals, this programme is taught by faculty from London Business School, who have helped over 1400 people nurture their business ideas.

ChangeSchool has not only helped grow businesses King’s college London, London Business School, UCL, LSBU (Entrepreneurial University of the year) in the UK but also several universities, institutions, and governments abroad!

You might be wondering, can entrepreneurship be learned and taught? The answer is a resounding yes! Entrepreneurship is not an isolated gene found only amongst a chosen few. Just the way somebody can be trained to become a doctor, engineer or computer programmer – similarly core entrepreneurial skills can be taught. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes and personality types.

Who Should attend:

You should consider this if…

You have a business idea and are keen to develop it into a business by focusing on the right set of customers, develop the product that is the right fit for the market and its paying customers. And you want to do so by avoiding the most common mistakes naive entrepreneurs make.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to develop a business model for your idea?
  2. How to talk to customers & test assumptions?
  3. How to influence and pitch to stakeholders?
  4. How to analyse customers, competition, industry and competitive advantage?
  5. How to test product market fit?
  6. How to test it early in the life cycle?
  7. How to ensure customers will buy before spending lots of money?
  8. How to start-up my business for cheap or free?
  9. How to get funding, and how not to need it?
  10. How to identify concerns that you might need to tackle first investment in time saves you tens of thousands of pounds in the future.

Learn from UK’s best instructors in the startup business!

Course Description

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It means looking at a problem, breaking it down and knowing that a decision you make now has implications beyond your immediate world. It’s about seeing opportunities and value in what isn’t there yet. Creating something from nothing is profoundly rewarding, especially when it helps others.

Through guided steps, we will give you the best tools from leading business schools (London Business School, Harvard, MIT and Stanford) and the best accelerators including the world famous Ycombinator. This will be a very hands-on experience with lots to do both in the classes and between each class. You will use techniques applied by successful entrepreneurs worldwide and avoid expensive mistakes with the right training at the right time, early. Whether you like it or not, 90% of the startups die an early (and avoidable) death because of lack of technique, poor decisions and incorrect guidance.

We will walk with you side by side to create a winning business.  We work to a staged process that guides you through all aspects of product design, customer interaction, how to sell, become competitive, negotiate, raise and manage finances and above all get started.

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Venue Details

Developing Your Entrepreneurial Business: One evening a week over 8 weeks

London South Bank University

103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA, United Kingdom