At ChangeSchool we provide the best training for entrepreneurship
How? By doing it for individuals and institutions. By doing it for top universities in the world. By training academics on how to teach this subject. By training government ministries to create the best possible ecosystems.
By challenging, coaching and informing. By changing mind-sets, ability and confidence. We work with you to understand your passion and drivers. Our entrepreneurship instructors come from the world’s best business schools and deliver world-class development workshops.
A lot of our ventures have become successful businesses, and some of our mentored individuals and teams have gone to raise $3.64m for scaling up in 8 cities (BlowHorn), raised ¥85m for development (RJC Research Japan) and one even won the 2014 Hult prize for entrepreneurship (called the Nobel Prize for students in enterprise) – a $1M grant by the Clinton Global initiative (Nano-health).
Designed exclusively for working professionals, this programme is taught by faculty from the London Business School, who have helped over 1400 people nurture their business ideas.

Your Courses

Crafting Your Entrepreneurial Opportunity

A one day Start-up bootcamp to create, refine and take the risk out of your new business idea

You should consider this if…

 You are evaluating starting your own business, not sure of your idea and whether entrepreneurship is you best choice.

Developing your Entrepreneurial Business

A once a week, 8 week staged journey to convert your idea to a real business

You should consider this if… 

You have a business idea, and are keen to develop it into a business by focusing on the right set of customers, develop the product that is the right fit for the market and its paying customers and if you want to do so by avoiding the most common mistakes naive entrepreneurs make.