City University, ChangeSchool and the University of Nairobi in £1.2m grant funding win

Schumpeter on ‘The Great Disruption’ at London’s Institute of Directors

ChangeSchool had the privilege of hearing Economist Management Editor Adrian Wooldridge, the man behind the famous Schumpeter column, speak this morning at the Institute of Directors on London’s Pall Mall. His topic was that of his new book, ‘The...

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Why business transformation fails and what can be done

Leaders need to transform businesses to keep them alive and competitive. A well- defined and well run business transformation programme creates operational efficiencies, serves customers better and creates value for the organisation by monetising these gains. Business transformation Business...

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You social media strategy is both a brand and a strategy

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  • April 29, 2012
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There is a lot of buzz around enterprises gaining a social media presence, and most recognise that its bit more than placing 3 buttons on your page (just in case – follow me on twitter, love me on Facebook)....

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