Lessons in innovation and adoption from Google Translate

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  • March 08, 2018
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Why won’t Google eat you? Lessons in innovation from Google Translate I love Google Translate. It was in August 2016, in Rio de Janiero, when our eyes first truly met. I picked up Google Translate on my iPhone at...

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The multi horizon innovation discipline

Future proofing your organisation When people think of innovation, they tend to think of a new product, like the iPhone, or the driverless car. Think a little harder, and a company might think of making a process more efficient,...

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Northern Rock and Brexit. Connected.

I was at Alistair Darling’s #10yearsafter event organised by RSA (@RSA_events) last week. Alistair provided amusing anecdotes and a behind the scenes look. On how he got a call from the Chairman of the world biggest bank (RBS at...

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How to take on the big boys? The role innovation plays…

Ever wondered how a small start-up can take on a big, established company and come out a winner? Wonder no more. Gerard J. Tellis Marshall School of Business, California, and Peter N. Golder, from the Amos Tuck School of...

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Schumpeter on ‘The Great Disruption’ at London’s Institute of Directors

ChangeSchool had the privilege of hearing Economist Management Editor Adrian Wooldridge, the man behind the famous Schumpeter column, speak this morning at the Institute of Directors on London’s Pall Mall. His topic was that of his new book, ‘The...

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