Entrepreneurial Adventures in the Caucasus

Sara and Neil in Armenia

We are trialling computer models to improve entrepreneurial mentoring

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  • April 03, 2018
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Entrepreneurial mentoring has historically lacked a rigorous approach. Some mentors adopt from traditional coaching techniques; other institutions use industry focussed expertise (such as London Business School’s 100-odd sector specific mentors), and accelerators (such as TechStars) use strictly scripted playbooks...

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How do I get a good idea for my business?

Eureka! Is this the word that comes to mind when you think of coming up with new ideas? Are you spending inordinate amounts of time in your bathtub waiting for inspiration to strike? Skin all wrinkly yet? According to...

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They’ve taken my idea! My business is ruined before it started! Wrong.

In our teaching at different London universities, we are often asked ‘How do I get an original idea for my business? Every time I check, my latest idea has already been done!’. A fundamental principle of entrepreneurship is that...

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Should I build something that lots of people like?

Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal. All of these companies have millions of customers or active users. Facebook has nearly two billion active users and Gmail has more than a billion. These are mega start-up success stories! So, you...

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If you want to start a company, what are your options for help and support?

The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle

Stage 1: Test Ideas This is the stage where you have one or more ideas and wish to get a quick sense of which ideas are worth exploring further. What to do and not do: Design your idea into...

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You are your own boss, are you? Think again!

One of the great attractions of starting your own business is the chance to be your own boss. It is said that people take a job because of the company, and leave because of their boss. Finally, you get...

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Entrepreneurship is the easy way out, or is it?

I hate my job. It is uninspiring, repetitive, I have a difficult boss and it just does not connect with my soul. If this is you, and many of us feel this way these days, you may be tempted...

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How to take on the big boys? The role innovation plays…

Ever wondered how a small start-up can take on a big, established company and come out a winner? Wonder no more. Gerard J. Tellis Marshall School of Business, California, and Peter N. Golder, from the Amos Tuck School of...

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