Northern Rock and Brexit. Connected.

Why would you be led by Trump?

An analysis of Trump and Hilary Clinton’s leadership personas A number of short articles have appeared on this subject and quite a few from the London Business School, some even predicting that Trump’s leadership style will get him into...

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Schumpeter on ‘The Great Disruption’ at London’s Institute of Directors

ChangeSchool had the privilege of hearing Economist Management Editor Adrian Wooldridge, the man behind the famous Schumpeter column, speak this morning at the Institute of Directors on London’s Pall Mall. His topic was that of his new book, ‘The...

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Conversation with Prof Joe Peppard

Conversation with Joe Peppard, Prof Cranfield on Benefit Realisation with Business Intelligence Propositions at the BCS Event Joe Peppard is Professor of Information Systems and Director of the IT Leadership Programme at Cranfield School of Management. He is also...

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In conversation with Prof Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Laureate’s lecture)

In conversation with Daniel Kahneman: Summary of the Nobel Laureate’s lecture on his book thinking, fast and slow Daniel Kahneman is Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University and a Professor of Public Affairs Emeritus at the...

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