The multi horizon innovation discipline

Future proofing your organisation When people think of innovation, they tend to think of a new product, like the iPhone, or the driverless car. Think a little harder, and a company might think of making a process more efficient,...

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Northern Rock and Brexit. Connected.

I was at Alistair Darling’s #10yearsafter event organised by RSA (@RSA_events) last week. Alistair provided amusing anecdotes and a behind the scenes look. On how he got a call from the Chairman of the world biggest bank (RBS at...

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Art of the Deal in Brexit Britain

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  • June 28, 2017
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“No deal is better than a bad deal” “Not in a mood to compromise” “No deal IS a bad deal” Soft, Hard or Squidgy Brexit? (Stop Googling – I made the last one up). No matter where you stand,...

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The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle

Stage 1: Test Ideas This is the stage where you have one or more ideas and wish to get a quick sense of which ideas are worth exploring further. What to do and not do: Design your idea into...

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You are your own boss, are you? Think again!

One of the great attractions of starting your own business is the chance to be your own boss. It is said that people take a job because of the company, and leave because of their boss. Finally, you get...

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Entrepreneurship is the easy way out, or is it?

I hate my job. It is uninspiring, repetitive, I have a difficult boss and it just does not connect with my soul. If this is you, and many of us feel this way these days, you may be tempted...

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How to take on the big boys? The role innovation plays…

Ever wondered how a small start-up can take on a big, established company and come out a winner? Wonder no more. Gerard J. Tellis Marshall School of Business, California, and Peter N. Golder, from the Amos Tuck School of...

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Why market segmentation fails in start-up ventures

That trying to sell to anyone and everyone is a recipe for failure is a well-known fact. Market segmentation techniques have been used for a long time now to narrow down on the target customers. We are often told...

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Why would you be led by Trump?

An analysis of Trump and Hilary Clinton’s leadership personas A number of short articles have appeared on this subject and quite a few from the London Business School, some even predicting that Trump’s leadership style will get him into...

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Theresa May’s visit to India

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  • November 07, 2016
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  • Theresa May’s visit to India

We had a chance to witness Prime Minister Theresa May’s first bilateral visit is to India to discuss trade deal. The focus was on technology and education. UK’s Turing Institute was a represented at the delegation. Prime Minister Modi...

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