They’ve taken my idea! My business is ruined before it started! Wrong.

In our teaching at different London universities, we are often asked ‘How do I get an original idea for my business? Every time I check, my latest idea has already been done!’. A fundamental principle of entrepreneurship is that...

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If you want to start a company, what are your options for help and support?

I want to start my business, but I don’t know where to get the money

  On a recent panel discussion at London South Bank University, I was asked what sources of funding were available for new businesses. Funding has changed and options have expanded greatly in recent years, so I thought I’d document...

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Why the reasons for a company’s success are the cause of its death

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  • September 04, 2015
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There is a fascinating juxtaposition of articles in the March 2014 Harvard Business Review which, when taken together, give some great insight. First the salient points: Page 28 – ‘Fear of being different stifles talent’ People adapt to the...

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Schumpeter on ‘The Great Disruption’ at London’s Institute of Directors

ChangeSchool had the privilege of hearing Economist Management Editor Adrian Wooldridge, the man behind the famous Schumpeter column, speak this morning at the Institute of Directors on London’s Pall Mall. His topic was that of his new book, ‘The...

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